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Rainbow Waterfalls & Sunny Liquid Dream: The Official Ragna Fanlisting
Verson 2.0: Rainbows & Mist

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Site hosted at: Angel-Buffy.com

The title for the site comes from one of Ragna's favourite songs: "Call Me, Call Me" by Steve Conte & the Seatbelts. For more information on the song, which is from an episode of the anime series "Cowboy Behop," Go here to view the lyrics and info courtesy of The Jazz Messangers (a CB fansite).

The site itself has had three owners, starting with Teija. When Teija could no longer maintain the site, Ragna took over the site and maintained it for quite some time, until August 2005 when the site was handed over to it's current owner.

You can find Ragna's site for her fanfiction at Written by the Evil Hand. Her awards site can be found at The Potental Awards. And lastly, but certainly not least, is Demonic Forsenics, the site that houses her CSI/Buffyverse crossover series, co-authored with Aaronlisa.


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