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Every fanlisting needs to have a series of rules. The rules are simple & straightforward and are not designed to prevent anyone who is a fan of Ragna and her writing from joining.

01. This fanlisting is primarily for Ragna's fanfiction, but please feel free to join if you enjoy her graphics, blog or anyone of her websites. You can even join if you're just a friend of Ragna's. All that's required is that you like her, why else would you want to join?

02. When you join, the only information from you that is mandatory is your name, email and country. All of the other information is optional. I only ask for an email address so that I can get in contact with you for any reason concerning this fanlisting (ie if it's moving, closing down, etc.) If you want to keep your email addres private, please send me an email to let me know.

03. You don't need to have a website or a livejournal to join the fanlisting. If you have one, please be considerate and put up a code for this fanlisting. I will randonly check to see if you have a code up, after I've updated the members' list with your information. It's just courtesy to have a code up for this site, if you want me to link your website or journal back.

04. No websites with porn or hate will be linked back to this site. I will not put a link up to a website that promotes hate in anyway (this includes hatelistings, hate sites within a fandom or any other form of hate.) With fanficiton sites, that contain NC-17/FRAO material, as long as the site contains a disclaimer about the content, I will gladly link back.

05. If you ever want to drop out of the fanlisting, or change your information, please email me to let me know so that I can do that for you.

06. Updates will most likely be monthly in nature, please do not email me because I have not updated the site with your information immediately. Please be patient. This is another reason why I ask for an email address, so that I can inform you when you've been added to the member's list.

Ready to join? Go here to do so.

Any questions, comments or concerns? Please email me with them.